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27, Mar 2024 | Boy Rooms,Interior Design  

A Light Blue Kids’ Bedroom by Camila Pimenta

A Light Blue Kids' Bedroom by Camila Pimenta

A Light Blue Kids' Bedroom by Camila Pimenta


When it comes to interior designfor kids, there’s no doubt creativity and comfort should intertwine to craft environments that nurture imagination and tranquility. This light blue kids’ bedroom is a collaboration between Circu Magical Furniture and Camila Pimenta, an architect and designer renowned for her whimsical yet practical approach. Shall we have a look?




The color palette of light blue serves as the cornerstone of this enchanting bedroom. Symbolizing tranquility and clarity, the soft hues of blue envelop the room, evoking images of clear skies and tranquil waters. This ethereal backdrop forms the perfect canvas for a myriad of design elements that spark joy and wonder in young minds.



Mr. Bunny Bed

Little Cloud Nightstand




Contrary to the misconception that serene colors stifle creativity, light blue serves as a catalyst for imaginative exploration. Encouraging free-flowing thoughts and unfettered creativity, this color inspires young minds to think outside the box and embark on intellectual journeys brimming with possibility. We just love the final result.



Mr. Bunny Floor Mirror




Marshmallow Activity Table

Baloo Chair





Studies have shown that certain colors, including light blue, have a calming effect on the mind and body, making them conducive to a good night’s rest. From whimsical adventures to moments of quiet reflection, every corner of this space holds the promise of magic and wonder. You can’t buy happiness but you can buy Circu, that’s kind of the same thing!


What do you think about this light blue kids’ bedroom?



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