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25, Mar 2024 | Interior Design,Play Rooms  

Wonderland Is Real: 5 Playrooms For Kids Where Fantasy Runs Wild

Wonderland Is Real: 5 Playrooms For Kids Where Fantasy Runs Wild

Wonderland Is Real: 5 Playrooms For Kids Where Fantasy Runs Wild


Creating a dedicated space for your children to play and unleash their creativity is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. A playroom is not just a room filled with toys; it’s a carefully curated environment that encourages learning, exploration, and imaginative play. In this article, Circu Magical Furniture explores the key elements of designing the perfect playroom for kids.



#1 – Treetop Magic




Periwinkle Pendant Lamp





The periwinkle flower is a little blooming plant that has been around for over 200 years and has been included in nearly every wonderful fairy tale. The Periwinkle flower, which is delicate and petite, is the main inspiration for the Periwinkle Pendant Lamp. A little petal embraces the light, which will encourage every child to pursue their ambitions and kindle their brilliant thoughts.


#2 – Turquoise Dreamland




Mogli Playhouse Gym


Inspired by the Jungle Book, the Mogli Playhouse was designed by using the elements and the wonders of nature. It’s a dream come true for kids who love the outdoors so much they wish to bring it inside. With this playhouse, there’s no limit to imagination and every kid will feel like they are on top of the world. And it’s perfect for rainy days when they can not go outside: every day will be an adventure!



#3 – Little Princess Paradise




The Jungle Game Rug



Inspired by the Mowgli movie, the Jungle Game Rug was created to make didactic times more fun and inspire kids to play without their smartphones or tablets. It’s the ideal choice for a playroom project that aims to entertain kids while inside the house. The Jungle Game Rug will add fun to any household.



#4 – Spellbinding Forest




Magical Market Playroom

Magical Market Playroom is here to take the category of kids’ playgrounds to another level. CIRCU designed a little town entirely made for kids, a place where imagination pops up and dreams become real. In this kid’s playground, you have it all: a house that connects with the rest of the playground through a wood ladder with ropes on the side, a kitchenette, and a ball pool. Pastel colors and playful lines collide smoothly so your kids can feel like little adults and live their own dreams.


#5 – Pastel Color Utopia




Cloud II Sofa

With its futuristic cloud-shaped appearance, the Cloud II Sofa is inspired by Pixar’s short film and is the ideal item for any bedroom or other division. This version presents itself with an “L” shaped design, for play and rest. Every feature of this item adds a touch of charm to any environment and gives the impression of lightness to anyone who tries it.



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