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11, Mar 2024 | Interior Design  

Get High Up In The Air With Our Into The Sky Room

Get High Up In The Air With Our Into The Sky Room

Get High Up In The Air With Our Into The Sky Room


This Into the Sky Room is an amazing place where you can experience the feeling of being high up in the air without actually leaving the ground. A cozy bedroom with various features that simulate a sky-like atmosphere. Designed to look like a cloud, with blue neon lights on the walls, this space by Circu Magical Furniture gives the illusion of looking up at the sky, as a singular projection of moving clouds and beautiful sunsets.




Inspired by Pixar’s movie Brave, Merida Bed conveys a message of strength, courage, and self-love to all kids in their adventurous journey of dreaming in the clouds. The ideal piece for a twin bedding area, with an individual and corner version.



Merida Corner Bed



Cloud Chest 6 Drawers



On the subtle study area, children will learn and enjoy a blue and white toned homework time, where stand out Cloud Desk, Little Bunny Chair, and Periwinkle Suspension Lamp, with different and functional storage compartments.



Cloud Desk

Little Bunny Chair


Periwinkle Pendant Lamp







This great bedroom also has a play and lounge area, where Fantasy Air Balloon is the true feeling of relaxation and tranquility. An amazing place with comfy seating options, in which a sound system installed can play soothing sounds like birds chirping, wind rustling, and calming music so that kids can have a peaceful and serene ambiance, escape from reality, and enjoy the magical beauty of the sky.



Fantasy Air Balloon





Stars and Planets Gather In The Out of Space Playground


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