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13, Jan 2022 | Interior Design  

Luxury Kids’ Playrooms Inspirations

Luxury Kids' Playrooms Inspirations

Luxury Kids’ Playrooms Inspirations

Create a magical kids’ playroom with these magical inspirations!

Kids’ Playrooms are such special places in our houses, is where we live magical moments of play and fun and create wonderful memories! So, to help you to create an amazing playroom for your kids, here you have 10 luxury kids’ playrooms inspirations that your kids will love! Have a look!




luxury kids mirror
This kids’ playroom combines the amazing Chameleon Pink Mirror with the Bubble Gum Bench. For moments of play and fun, your kids will love to play in the Bubble Loop and the Bubble Drop.

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Chameleon Pink Mirror

The Chameleon Pink Mirror is the perfect piece of decoration to create a charming environment in the kids’ playroom. “Magic Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?” is one of the most remarkable quotes of the Disney universe and the inspiration behind this wall mirror design.
luxury kids playground
This space exhales fun and happiness! The combination of the Illusion Table with some fun kids’ chairs, the Mr. Ice Rug with the Diana Wall Lamp, and the Fantasy Air Bookcase creates an amazing kids’ playroom.
luxury kids playroom
An adorable kids’ playroom in neutral tones, perfect for boys’ or girls’!

luxury kids sofa
The Cloud Sofa and the Whale’s Tale Rug are such adorable kids’ furniture options for every kids’ playroom!

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Whale’s Tale Rug

The Whale’s Tale Rug was inspired by kids’ favorite tales about the ocean and about the whales. These amazing animals are known to be history keepers and they symbolize emotional and peaceful strength. They are the perfect addition to any bedroom or playroom project and they promise to take really good care of your little one.
neutral kids playroom
A wonderful neutral-toned kids’ playhouse, an interior design project simply melts our hearts!

baby playground
This kids’ playroom was specially designed for babies using the Milo-Baby Playground combined with the Party Animal Rug and the Atomic Suspension Lamp.
colorful kids playroom
This Candyland Playroom designed by Asmaa Tarek is really magical! Look at the perfect combination of the Bubble Gum Gym and the Bubble Loop in pastel colors.

A wonderful neutral-gender kids’ playroom with the Booboo Swing Sofa, the Gold Toy Box, and the Shark and Bird Stool.

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Bird Stool

The Bird Stool has an exclusive design that promises to awaken children’s friendship with animals. This children’s stool introduces a modern design, always ensuring that the kids’ playroom reflects the child’s personality and is both fun and young.
green kids playroom
A wonderful kids’ playroom in shades of green! The dream come true of every kid!
kids playhouse
The Dolly Playhouse is a luxury kid bed specially made to ensure that kids have the ultimate fun in their bedroom. Inspired by the infamous dollhouses, the Dolly Playhouse Bed is a modern version of a kids’ playhouse, specially made for little ones who want their own little house adventure and have a full space to themselves.


Hope you liked these luxury kids’ playroom inspirations!

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