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18, Jan 2021 | Interior Design  

Meet the 20 Best Interior Designers in Athens

Meet the 20 Best Interior Designers in Athens


Athens was the largest and most influential of the Greek city-states. It had many fine buildings and was named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare. We can see the marks of history through all the city and be stunned with its powerfulness. We gathered the Top 20 Best Interior Designers in Athens.



Gekko Concepts



Gekko Concepts is a multi-disciplinary design studio, with an internationally diversified portfolio, specializing in the creative fields of architecture, interior design and decoration.. Clio Gkeka, leading designer and CEO of the company, enjoys creating atmospheric environments for international customers in Greece and abroad, for residential and professional spaces.


Deco Life



DECOlife Interiors is a full-service design studio, Athens-based but globally available. They design every new space step by step because they believe that every project has a unique soul just as each client and it’s our job to evoke that personality in space planning, material selection & decor.

Natassa Kokkaliari



Best known for her minimal style, Natasha Kokkaliari is the interior designer who excels in creating warm, chic and inviting interiors. She is able to blend design styles, materials, and architectural details to create timeless living spaces for her clients.

Andronis Interiors



Experienced interior designer with a demonstrated history of working in the renovation – construction industry. High level skilled in CAD software such as Archicad, Artlantis, Sketchup, V-ray, Photoshop and more in art direction in general terms.



Rdeco Interior Design



Senior Interior designer & Building engineer dedicated to offer solutions that reflect every home owner’s personality.

Sissy Feida Interiors



Sissy Feida Interiors has successfully been present in the field of interior design, undertaking a number of diverse projects both in Greece and abroad. Her creative genius in dealing with any kind of plan and resources found expression in the creation of her own furniture line.


Abart Interior Design



Abart Interior Design office  was founded in 1969 in Piraeus by Christos Kefaloudis. Since then he has designed and edited the construction of more than 1,750 stores, cafes, clubs, bars, offices, exhibitions, homes and yachts in Greece, London, Munich and Cyprus, marking a brilliant career in this field.


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360 Concept Design Studio



360 Concept Design Studio approaches each project with a collaborative spirit with the client to create harmonic and familiar spaces with symbolic meanings.


Box Interiors



BOX INTERIORS delivers designs that aspire to the highest standards of quality, craftsmanship and beauty. For over a decade, the company has been providing ideal, one-stop turnkey solutions to the hospitality, residential and restaurant sectors, specialising in the niche market of boutique hotels.





As Exhibition Designers, they are aware of many criteria including: communicating with the visitor, roles of the objects, conservation considerations, visitor flow, lighting design, color,story-lines, project planning and management, temporary or traveling exhibits, showcase design, show-case arrangements, production scheduling, installation and maintenance.






Iatrou, a name inextricably linked to many years of tradition, experience and know-how, was created half a century ago by Stavros Iatrou and since then has remained an exclusively family business maintaining its prestige intact.

Elastic Architects



A London based, international award-winning firm of young architects and international partners, structured to provide architectural, interior and landscape design, as well as construction and construction management services.


Stokas Design & Construction



Each project is born out of a client’s desire and is accomplished through our struggle and dedication to creation. The design, the calculation, the materials, the creation – a mesh of logic and sense – are reflected in the final form of the project, synonymous with a new way of living, a new way of professional perception, a new everyday quality.





The contextual approach produces unique and immersive experiences through Architecture, Interior and Hardscape Design, allowing them to achieve a holistic sense of experience across the range of  spatial qualities within every project.

Athena Interior Design



Athena Interior Design offers a complete aesthetic, technical solution and supervision and always design exclusively for each project.


Annastella Lazarou-Space Interiors



The Office of Architecture and Decoration SPACE INTERIORS engaged in design and construction of commercial premises and residences since 1995. Her purpose is the uniqueness, originality and functionality of each space, which achieves with the right combination of materials and colors, as well as the design and construction of special furniture, always taking into account the current trends.

Nikos Kolokas



Their design office of interior architecture and decoration, since 1998 specializes in the design and construction of small and medium scale private and professional projects. The goal is to create elegant ensembles undertaking entirely the architectural study and decoration of professional spaces and residences.





Marilyn Katsaris is an experienced interior architect and designer working in Athens, Greece on an International portfolio of residential and retail, as well as yacht interior design.


Sylvia Design Studio



The Sylvia design Studio operates in the field of interior design of private and commercial properties, as well as Applications Decoration, covering a wide range of needs for individuals and epangelmaties. Mia therefrom and  Visual merchandising, which is a very important marketing tool for every entrepreneur who seeks to promote his products.


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