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01, Feb 2021 | Interior Design  

Meet the Best Interior Designers in Marrakech

Meet the Best Interior Designers in Marrakech


Best Interior Designers in Marrakech stand out as a great selection for you to work with a high-end designer, in order to design your amazing home. Join Circu and find out below the best designers we have for you:



1.  ArtVitrage



With 26 years of experience, since 1992, the company has been able to unravel the mysteries of metal and aluminum. Offering achievements combining finesse and sense of detail, aesthetics, and design. Over the years and from generation to generation, the company has managed to preserve its manufacturing methods and the talent necessary to best handle materials that contain many secrets, but which, once brought to light, can reveal and give fruit to achievements at least as beautiful, refined, elegant as they are surprising.


2. Elementerre



Elementerre brings together young architects, graduates in Morocco and in Europe, whose goal is to actively participate in urban planning,  architecture, and design where creativity and innovation integrate international and local experiences, new and sustainable technologies, the social and cultural in a spatialization of the order of the contracting authorities.


3. Sissimorocco



collection under the spellbinding charm of the Orient. Ancestral know-how and fascinating silkscreen-printed arabesques intermingle and take you elsewhere. Each piece is unique, created, and shaped for you in our workshops. 


4. AB Cuisines



Creation of furniture, you want to design your kitchen, bathrooms, saloons, dressing rooms, cupboard, office, door, tv cabinet, decorative furniture, layout, or you need to optimize your interior spaces, AB kitchens are at your disposal and our imagination and creative spirit will satisfy you. AB kitchens, strong by its experience, will accompany you during the realization of the project while allowing you to communicate with our experts in order to deliver your project to you which will be impregnated by your art of living, aspirations, and tastes, Finally, AB kitchens.


5. Studio Bach



STUDIO BACH is based in Marrakech and intervenes in all phases of the construction process on projects ranging from housing to commercial buildings and urban equipment. Our know-how concerns architecture, interiors, design, and consulting, assistance in project management, support in the execution and monitoring of the work.


6. ARzen



Our artisans have been carefully selected to ensure that all aspects of the production of our models can be implemented in our workshop. Today we are a team of 50 of the most talented and gifted artisans and technicians who have been carefully selected to accompany our customers in their projects.

7. Ludovic Petit



Ludovic Petit’s creative approach integrates the client’s desires into his reasoning. He listens and guides to create harmony. Each site is a new adventure and the creation of a unique universe. The story begins around multiple plans and desires. There follow mood boards, sketches, drawings, samples, color ranges. The exchange is creative.



8. BD Creation & Design



Passionate about art, design, and town planning, Driss Benghallem has distinguished himself by his creativity and the originality of his creations. Inspired by contemporary architecture during his years of study in the United States, he completed several internships in renowned architectural firms, notably at Said Berrada Architects where he was entrusted with large-scale missions on important projects.


9. Maison D’Été



Listening, Deciphering, Creating, Personalizing summarize the dynamics and the philosophy of the team of designers, designers, technicians, salespeople, and professional partnerships. Maison D’été is aimed at a clientele of individuals and professionals, for a service of personalization of all types of architectural projects, development, and decoration.


10. Demeure Design Interiors



Demeure Design was founded by Karise Kerr, from Ireland, in 2005. She graduated from The Regent Academy of Fine Arts in London in 2000 with an advanced interior design and interior architecture diploma and a City and Guilds certificate RA(PID). After falling in love with Morocco, she moved to Marrakech and launched Demeure Design with a philosophy to create beautiful living spaces that reflect the personality, tastes, and needs of her clients, with a focus on quality and comfort.





From 2000 to 2009 Paola Trombetta ran her own practice in Milan, designing and following the realization of various architectural projects: from the construction of villas to apartments and offices catering facilities, from shopping to cultural spaces. She is also into furniture and object design. Since 2009 she has been living and working in Marrakech, where she established TRABDESIGN.


12. Soufiane Aissouni



Soufiane Aissouni interior decorator and scenographer graduated from the international school Lasalle College in Marrakech. He started his professional career in Marrakech in one of the biggest event agencies, where managed the ephemeral decoration sector for weddings and private parties. With this experience, he joined an interior design company, which was developing the interior design sector and participating in the creation of projects for hotels, villas, and private apartments. Today Soufiane Aissouni continues his activity by collaborating with fewer designers and also sign projects ranging from the creation of furniture to the complete restructuring of private apartments and furniture.


13. BAB Design



For more than 10 years, Bab Design assures the architecture, the construction, the decoration as well as the gardens and the landscapes on the domain of Bab Atlas, in the palm grove of Marrakesh.


14. Deco Design Marrakech



Deco & Design architectural agency will carry out your work with confidence, and deliver your turnkey site to you. If you want a change of scenery, Décor & Design is the architectural profession for you. Hiring this home interior specialist only has advantages. His know-how and advice guarantee the success of the interior design of house construction or apartment renovation project.



15. Hicham Dardane



Hicham Dardane is very professional with a lot of experience. His know-how, his way of managing the project, and coordinating the different trades allow him to succeed in the construction project and his ideas in decoration are unique.


16. Art’cons Marrakech



Building project…? … Need renovation? … Or simply want to bring a designer touch to your interior? Because each client is unique.


17. Traditional Zellige Workshop



We are among the best in Morocco in the manufacture of Moroccan Zellige, good references in the export of Zellige tiles abroad indeed, we import our mosaic without intermediary in order to offer you the best prices.


18. RM Design



Raymond Morel is a decorator and designer and interior designer. He exercises his creative talent and his expertise as a designer in EUROPE and AFRICA. He opened his interior design agency in 2006 in the famous historic district of Guéliz. RM DESIGN has carried out several interior decoration assignments for recognized projects such as Bliss Point, but also the luxury hotel César Marrakech … well-known hotels in France such as KUBE Paris and St Tropez, RadissonBlue Brasov in Romania…


19. Sharo & Deco



I imagine your decoration, I create new spaces, I create a visual identity that corresponds to you according to your tastes and your desires. I sublimate your interior. I offer you my services: Advice in decoration and layout, Home Staging, General and/or detailed trend board to visualize the desired style, Work management, craftsmen planning, and monitoring of the work from start to finish.


20. Tangent



Interior designer and decorator in Marrakech for 10 years. I fit out hotels, guest houses, private houses or apartments, and commercial spaces.


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