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27, Mai 2016 | Interior Design,Kids Closet  

Organizing a Nursery closet

Organizing a Nursery closet 30

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A nursery closet is a place that should be really organizing for the mother to reach everything that she needs for the newborn fast and easy, It should really be the most organized closet in the whole house.
You should first choose the shelves if they are white, pink, whatever the colors you think its best and that fits on your newborn nursery.
Organizing a Nursery closet (11)
But you should measure and re-measure to make sure everything fits properly. You should have in mind that you need a lot of space for little things.
organizing kids closet
These bins in the four lower cubbies to hold various toys are a great option. When your kid gets older they are a great way to get out toys and putting them away where they belong.
Has your kid is a newborn he can have some toys that he is not going to play with until he is older, so this kind of toys should be stored in the bin farthest to the left.
organizing kids closet
Toys that your kid will be able to use very soon are in the second to the left bin
organizing kids closet
Bath toys and toys will be uses when your child is older, so they are in the third bin.
Organizing a Nursery closet (3)
And stuffed animals are stored in the last bin.
Organizing a Nursery closet (14)
Books can go on the top shelves.
Organizing a Nursery closet (5)
Organizing a Nursery closet (2)
Try to decorate a little with some bits and boobs for the closet to be more cheerful.
Organizing a Nursery closet (1)
Organizing a Nursery closet (1)
Organizing a Nursery closet (1)
A really good tip is: Instead of buying separate pants hangers, use clothespins to hang pants on regular baby hangers and keep the clothespins on a small drawer
Organizing a Nursery closet (8)
Organizing a Nursery closet (8)
You should keep the clothes organized by size
Organizing a Nursery closet (10)
Organizing a Nursery closet (10)
On the top bins you can storage:
bin one … baby wipes (you can never have too many)
bin two … extra lotions and baby powders
bin three … babywearing apparatuses
bin four … 12-18 month clothes and shoes
bin five … 18-24 month clothes and shoes
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So these are some tips that Circu’s blog found on the blog two twenty one. We hope it is useful for you!
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