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29, Oct 2022 | Interior Design  

PMD RUS LLC: Best Interior Designers From Russia

PMD RUS LLC Best Interior Designers From Russia


Best Interior Designers From Russia

Using furniture, fabrics, carpets, and accessories from the top European manufacturers, PMD RUS LLC is a sophisticated solution from professionals in the design and decoration of residential and commercial spaces.




PMD RUS LLC Best Interior Designers From Russia

A group of skilled and enthusiastic managers and designers from Russia and Italy make up PMD RUS LLC. They bring together the same-named Italian furniture salons, an interior design studio, the IC Textile StudiO textile workshop, and the IC Carpet AtelieR handmade carpet studio.

PMD RUS LLC Best Interior Designers From Russia

You can either sign a contract for interior project management, in which case PMD RUS LLC will be in charge of developing the interior design, obtaining the required permits, carrying out the necessary construction and finishing works, and supplying furniture and interior items. The other option is to choose and order furniture, lighting, textiles, and carpets separately.

PMD RUS LLC Best Interior Designers From Russia

By working with PMD RUS LLC, you can get a thorough, well-designed interior solution while also saving a lot of time and money. They have been designing interiors and delivering premium furnishings straight from manufacturers for more than 15 years. They are a handful of factories’ authorized representatives.

PMD RUS LLC Best Interior Designers From Russia

The CESAR kitchens, BERNAZZOLI living rooms and studies, ADNREA FANFANI, VOLPI, SIGNORINII&COCO, VALDERAMOBILI bedrooms, and living rooms, CARLO ASNAGHI upholstered furniture, and EUROLUCE, JAGO, MASIERO, MASCA chandeliers, and sconces are just a few of the interior design brands that are featured by the PMD RUS LLC interior studio.

PMD RUS LLC Best Interior Designers From Russia

Elegant home textiles RUBELLI, CHICCA ORLANDO, I NOBILI, as well as a variety of contemporary carpets manufactured by GOGOLIN, LOUIS DE POORTERE, WISSENBACH, LIMITED EDITION, NEROCUOIO, and IC CONTEMPORARY, are proudly offered to you by PMD RUS LLC.

PMD RUS LLC Best Interior Designers From Russia

Cornelio Cappellini, ELLEDUE, FENDI, Roberto Cavalli, Formitalia, PROVASI, Zanaboni, Preciosa, Rugiano, GF FERRE, Jumbo Collection, and Versace Home are among the luxury furniture brands that receive special conditions from PMD RUS LLC.

Inspired By The Look

Luxury Neutral-Gender Nursery Room

Luxury neutral-gender nursery room with the amazing Cloud Cradle and the Cuddle Rocking Chair combined with the Shark Stool and the Power Elephant Rug!

Get The Look

Cloud Cradle


The Cloud Cradle is the perfect piece for every baby’s (and parents’) bedroom. Its cloud-shaped form is only one of the details that make this piece whimsical. Soft, subtle, and safe, this cradle will let your little one fly into the clouds in a calm and deep sleep.

Cuddle Rocking Chair


We bet you can’t imagine anything more loving and nurturing than a parent’s tight embrace. The Cuddle Rocking Chair was inspired and designed to recreate that warm and soothing feeling, the comfort and secure spot in everyone’s life: a parent figure. The curvature of the chair’s design provides an organic modern aesthetic, and the boucle upholstered seating and back are true homages to the sentiment of being in our parent’s lap. Rock your chair until your child falls into a deep sleep (and maybe you too).

The Power Elephant Rug


The Power Elephant Rug was inspired by the unbelievable strength and power Elephants have. The rectangular shape and the use of light shades of grey make this rug the ideal piece for any project because it fits perfectly with every color palette and theme. Let Circu power your dreams and give the little ones to strength to always get back up.


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