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09, Feb 2022 | Lifestyle  

How to Encourage Your Kids to Spend More Time Outdoors

How to Encourage Your Kids to Spend More Time Outdoors

How to Encourage Your Kids to Spend More Time Outdoors

Guest Post by: Adrianne Hunk

When the weather is bad or you just don’t have time to explore nature, it can be tempting to stay inside. But there are ways to encourage your kids to spend time outside and enjoy nature which will also make them appreciate the outdoors more. Here are five different ways to motivate your kids to spend more time outdoors, instead of doing the same activities inside every day.


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Family Bike Rides

Going on bike rides with the family is a great way to spend time outside, be active, and have fun. As an adult, you set an example for your kids, if you spend lots of time outside, your kids might get motivated to do the same! Bike trips can also keep everyone healthy since biking provides many health benefits like increased blood pressure control but biking can also make them feel good and relaxed.
But if you feel like your kids’ energy is wearing down, consider trading in that traditional bike for an electric model instead. Instead of just using a normal bicycle repair kit (which would be too much work), buy cheap engine kits online or at your local hardware store; then put them on either side of road bikes – they’ll provide more power than anything else!

Outdoor Activities

One way to get your kids outside more is by coming up with different activities that they can do outdoors. Arts and crafts projects are often moved from inside into the great outdoors, but there are other fun things you could organize too! For example – if it rains or snows during wintertime then have them make a snowman while frosted appropriately for such an occasion; summertime should be spent building creations out of water balloons. These outdoor games not only keep children active but they’ll also learn about respect towards nature as well.

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Create a Play Area

If you want your kids to spend more time outside, set up an area with some workout equipment. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, just something like a swing or activity frame so that they can play on it and use their imagination in the space without being limited by just one thing at once! The important thing about creating this kind of playland is making sure there are plenty of going options for when boredom strikes; after all even, we adults enjoy coming back inside every now again to rest after a lot of movement.


Get your kids to help you with creating a beautiful garden. Kids like being involved and this is an activity that they can see through from beginning to end because their curiosity will keep them engaged in what’s going on, making it fun for all participants! You could talk about different aspects of gardening such as plants needing the right conditions (soil) or how much water each one requires based on its species’ needs. Your little ones will be proud of themselves when they see their own handiwork and can talk about what’s grown in the same way that older people enjoy talking about it, too! By gardening together as families everyone benefits – including children who learn how important growing plants is by taking care of them.
Seeing their plants grow and being able to say that they contributed in some way will encourage them to spend more time outdoors.

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Explore Nature

Take the time to explore outdoors with your children, and you’ll find that they are more likely to take an interest in exploring nature on their own. If they bring home a new plant or insect while outside, don’t scold them for picking it up! Explore with your child and see what other interesting things you can find! You should teach your kids about the variety of nature and its beauty.
After eating a healthy and quick breakfast, go on nature walks with your kids. Point out the different types of animals that you see while walking; explain why each animal prefers its environment to others- this will help them get more involved in learning more!

For many children, spending time outside is a rare opportunity. But with these ideas, you can encourage your kids to spend more quality outdoor moments in nature! Whether running around the garden or going on a nature trail will make their day, I’m sure they will thank you later for all of your efforts.

Hope you liked these ways to encourage your kids to spend time outside and enjoy nature!

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